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It seems like such a great deal. FREE FONTS. I think “Wonderful, I can find a new font for this project I am working on and it will have a whole new look and feel.” Then I go around and do some of my favorite inspiration finding and I see the font I downloaded over and over again. This is how the discussion goes. Why buy fonts when there are so many free alternatives?

For a while I was the amoeba I didn’t feel one way or the other about the situation. Downloading free fonts, using fonts that were installed on my computer. But now I am firmly decided on my opinion. I think when you are looking for the perfect font for your composition using a free font is just too common. People put a lot of work and effort into creating a font. I want to reward the people who made the effort to produce good quality type.

I really like how a font that isn’t free seems more unique even on simple projects. I am gearing up to purchase my second font and cannot wait. To illustrate the differences here are two posters I am working on one with a purchased font and one with a free font.

Fonts used

Belinda – purchased

Apple Chancery – installed on my computer

Futura – installed on my computer

Bellerose – free

New things are coming to the blog I hope you are as excited as I am.

Have a great week!


It is the last day of February and I am really excited about sharing this with you. I have launched my own online portfolio.

For me it was the next step in starting my own graphic design business. I am really proud of it because I did it all (with a little help from Gunnar, but it was mostly me). My blood, sweat and tears (there were tears) created the design, the HTML and the CSS. I knew there was a lot to learn going into this project but even after all I did learn I see how much more there is to know. And I am sure that in 6 months to a year I will want to change the design again because I have learned new techniques and have seen my skills improve enough that I want to show the world. For now I am completely in love with it. I like the colors and the logo I have done for myself as well as all the elements I pulled together to create the design. I know that having a solid brand is important to growing a business and having success with return clients. I hope at this stage in the game I can be more fluid in my brand while I sort out and search what really is me.

In this website I used a hand drawn logo as the basis of the entire design making it simple and unique. So go check it out, spread the world and feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind. I look forward to the new adventures having my portfolio online will bring me and the new friends I will make along the way.

Happy February! It is a fun time of the year candy is given out, you get to play dress up and eat fancy things, and love is just free flowing for everyone. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I have a gift for you. On my journey of teaching myself graphic design I use a lot of experimental techniques and tutorials to create wallpapers for my computer. It is a lot of fun for me to see something that I have created. Needless to say my desktop background changes often. I was inspired by a save the date card I ran across online. I absolutely loved the shape of the brackets and wanted to create my own. I enjoyed moving the type around as well as playing with the mix between the script and serif fonts.  I hope you enjoy this love related wallpaper.

   This last week has offered several opportunities for me to gain some real world experience in the design realm! I  am OFFICIALLY part of the design team for TAGA (Technical Association of Graphic Arts). For the journal that is published for the conference I’m going to have to dive back into bridges because bridges are the focus of the design. Maybe my previous experience with bridges will help me out! I also have a personal project I hope to be able to complete; Christmas card. I hope to be able to design and send out my own Christmas cards.
   I found a book on typography this week that I was going to buy with some gift cards from last year but unfortunately the current edition is Out of Print and Out of Stock and the new edition isn’t being released for 3 more weeks… my timing couldn’t have been worse. I am now keeping my eyes peeled for a good book to replace it with but nothing has popped up yet. Although I should be kept pretty busy with the free ebooks on design I got from the following site:  10 Free Ebooks for Web Designers