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I have great news!  It is time again to move on to a new blog host.  After months and months of brain storming for the perfect name it finally came as clear as a bell. I introduce you to Happy Apple.  A blog about design, photography, and charm. This new host offers me the most flexibility in design and features. I am looking forward to some new features as well as my blog continuing to grow with me. I also have decided to learn how to design and code for wordpress as a future business endevor. This move will give me experience designing, implementing, and  I plan on implementing a whole new set of features as well as things like free wallpapers (for desktops and phones). I hope you are as excited about this move as I am. Come check it out and follow me at  Happy Apple! I want to thank you for hanging with me while I find the right fit for me in the blog world. 🙂


For the last couple of days….(maybe a week or more) I have been needing a mental vacation from everything. I like to think that I work hard I work almost full time during the day, during the evenings I try to practice graphic design, blogging, and photography. On the weekends when I am not cleaning I try to do even more learning and practicing. I guess after a year and a half it all caught up with me and I just needed a break. Well here we go I need to get myself out of this so I have decided that I am going to create some photo layouts for use in collages or on blogs. I have seen really wonderful examples from around the web and am armed and ready to produce photo templates. I plan to make them very user-friendly and maybe down the road will provide them for download. I have been experimenting with the process and if you go back through some of my recent posts you will see an example of my photo templates.

I have never been one to keep a journal, to record my daily life in a diary or post tweets every 2 minutes about the sandwich  I am enjoying. Something changed in 2011 when I moved into my apartment and started looking around online for DIY decorating ideas. I found a whole world in the blogosphere I didn’t know about. The Crafters, the DIYers, the decoraters, the cooks, the list goes on and on; after months of reading and thinking and enjoying I wanted to try it. I brought my dusty old blog which started out much like a diary and I am string to rework it building it up with post about things that are of interest to me. I thought it would be nice to pay hommage to the blogs that I have enjoyed reading and which have inspired me the most.I love discovering new bloggers to read and my list is ever changing here are my most recent top 5.

1. A Beautiful Mess – Everything this girl does inspires I hope that I can craft my blog into such a beautiful place of personal expression as the writers over here.

2. Pugly Pixel – I really enjoy how she shows you inspiration from the real world and takes it into the graphic design relm. Her tutorials are easy to follow and fun to read.

3. Pioneer Woman – I want, I want, I WANT her lodge kitchen and pantry. I think I could craft beautiful meals like her if I had that kitchen. She offers lots of information on photography another topic I am passionate about.

4.  Indie Jane Photography – She has a blog filled with very inspiring portrait photography. I love her use of the great outdoors and the sun to make images that feel fun.

5. Hair Romance – I am a sucker for trying new hairstyles and she has a lot of really fun looks in her ebook.

I hope you all enjoyed this list and had a great weekend with family and friends.

Hello, my post for this week is a successful mini photo shoot. I did it in celebration as the weather finally improved and spring is on it’s way. I used my boyfriend as the subject and took some spring pictures of him outside in the beautiful weather. Below are a couple of the shots we had a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it again. I am looking forward to shooting my nieces 6-month photos this next weekend and I will keep practicing and getting better. 

“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.”
– David Ogilvy

Make it a great week!

It is the last day of February and I am really excited about sharing this with you. I have launched my own online portfolio.

For me it was the next step in starting my own graphic design business. I am really proud of it because I did it all (with a little help from Gunnar, but it was mostly me). My blood, sweat and tears (there were tears) created the design, the HTML and the CSS. I knew there was a lot to learn going into this project but even after all I did learn I see how much more there is to know. And I am sure that in 6 months to a year I will want to change the design again because I have learned new techniques and have seen my skills improve enough that I want to show the world. For now I am completely in love with it. I like the colors and the logo I have done for myself as well as all the elements I pulled together to create the design. I know that having a solid brand is important to growing a business and having success with return clients. I hope at this stage in the game I can be more fluid in my brand while I sort out and search what really is me.

In this website I used a hand drawn logo as the basis of the entire design making it simple and unique. So go check it out, spread the world and feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind. I look forward to the new adventures having my portfolio online will bring me and the new friends I will make along the way.

     Does anyone ever wonder how much the timing of events in one’s life affect the ability to operate? I can’t help but feeling that way today. My name is Michaela (sounds like 

michael – a) and I am aspiring to be a creative professional in the design field. I began this journey after graduating from college and being totally and utterly lost.
     Exactly how is anyone lost after graduating from college you might ask? Well its purely simple I want to be happy and proud of the job and career I have for my life. My decisions up until a few months ago were unfruitful in my one solid goal for my life. So I began searching for my lifelong career. After weeks of traversing through the Internet, my past experiences, and my hobbies one major career stood shining like a beacon drawing me ever closer to my fate. Graphic design.
     I am truly excited now and look forward to what I will learn along my path. However, getting back to the first sentence of this post. My freshman and sophomore year in college I worked on a website as an ongoing project I had help and found it extremely fascinating but I just didn’t get it on my own. I struggled with CSS documents and struggled with remembering how to tag and html page. But now its like the fog has cleared on my journey and I am ready to face the day because bits and pieces are falling together and the knowledge that I held previously and my new knowledge are meshing together beautifully.
     My hopes for this blog are two-fold. I hope to record my journey so that years down the road I can look back and laugh at the peaks and valleys of venturing out into the great unknown held and also to help anyone by offering my own perspectives on tidbits that I come across or struggles I have.