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Hello again! I am still decorating my apartment and I am bringing you another DIY tutorial. I like projects where you do not need a lot of supplies. This project only requires a couple of things and it was fun to make.


Acryllic Paint
Paint Brushes
Exacto Knife

I used Illustrator to create a layout of my vision for the wall art. Create an art board the size of your canvas so that when you print out the letters the proportions are correct. Separate the letters and place them so that you can print out as many on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper without waisting space.

1. Gather up your supplies.

2. Once you have this printed out tape the paper to the sheet of vinyl and laying this on the cardboard carefully cut around the letter shapes.

3. Now that you have the letter shapes in vinyl lay them on the canvas where you want them to be. Now begin drawing out your design in light pencil on your canvas. I chose to use circles in my composition. Once you have replicated your artwork start painting.

4. Lay out your letters on the canvas where you envisioned them to be.

5. Draw lightly in pencil the areas you want to paint.

6.  Paint directly over the letters.

7. Give your painting time to dry before peeling off the letters. In some places the paint leaked under the the vinyl and I had to do some touching up.

8. Now your painting is all finished. My canvas needed me to place the hardware on the back to hang it up. After that proudly display your work.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing your awesome painted artwork.


This last weekend I spent the weekend with my family. It was WONDERFUL and while I was there I challenged myself to create an alphabet out of found objects. I made a long list of all the things that I could think of in the kitchen to make an alphabet. I chose to write my letters in salt it took me back and my mom and I talked about her teaching me how to form letters using much of the same method. I have other alphabets I would like to make but with my large family those were a bigger mess than I could handle so for my first found alphabet I went with salt. I produced pretty standard letters but as many of my projects go my mind is now filling up with all the different things I can do for next time. I plan to keep challenging myself with this and pick a different room to do an alphabet in and see what I can find. Maybe my next room will be the living room. I encourage you to share your ideas or your found alphabets I am always excited to see others’ creativity.

Today on a rainy and gloomy day I made a Date Night Jar. Its really simple but it is going to be a lot of fun. I simply took strips of colorful paper and wrote ideas for a date night. I then put them in a fun vase for us to draw out when we need a date idea, however, my vase is already too small and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a new one.

Remember to include a variety of date night ideas from going out to staying in. Some of mine include: getting dressed up and going out for cocktails, building a fort in the living room, and creating a mix CD to dance the night away to. There are lists and lists of ideas around the internet here is one to get you started. I think this could also translate to a fun kids activity jar so that on snow days or rainy afternoons you have a back up plan to keep the day a happy one.

This is going to be my first do it yourself. I’m going to show you how to use embroidery hoops and fabric to decorate your walls! I am really excited about this project because it is very close to my heart. My grandmother passed away last summer; she had given me a bag of fabric and some hoops she had used when she quilted. At the time I took them because they belonged to her and she wanted me to have them but I didn’t know what to do with them. Maybe someday I will do a quilt but for the time being I am excited to use her hoops and fabric to decorate my walls.

Supplies :
Embroidery  or Quilting Hoops
Fabric Scraps
Hot Glue Gun

This DIY is pretty easy which for my first is pretty important. It will let me work all the kinks out.

1. Separate the inner hoop from the outer hoop and lay your fabric over the inner hoop. I doubled mine over so that it would make the fabric a little more sturdy. As a note I had to go around the hoop twice with glue so that both pieces of fabric were secure. If you didn’t double it over you will not have to go around twice.

2. Place the second hoop over the fabric and inner hoop making sure it is snug.

3. Flip the entire thing over and cut all the way around staying about an inch from where the hoops are holding the fabric. Make sure you leave enough space to glue. You can always trim more of it off after.

4. At this point if you want to leave your hoops so they are interchange able depending on the season or your bedroom decor. You can just trim more off the fabric so that the hoop lays flat against the wall. If you are looking for a more permanent way to display your fabric, glue around the inner hoop pressing the fabric down as you go.

5. Look at the number of hoops you have and the space you wish to place them. Make a plan before you hang them up to avoid extra holes in your walls.

Viola! You have a beautiful new wall arrangement! Be creative with your fabric choices and textures. I’m already thinking of more things to do. Glitter, spray paint, acrylic paint, flowers, and buttons can all be used to create a unique to you wall arrangement. Enjoy!