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     Does anyone ever wonder how much the timing of events in one’s life affect the ability to operate? I can’t help but feeling that way today. My name is Michaela (sounds like 

michael – a) and I am aspiring to be a creative professional in the design field. I began this journey after graduating from college and being totally and utterly lost.
     Exactly how is anyone lost after graduating from college you might ask? Well its purely simple I want to be happy and proud of the job and career I have for my life. My decisions up until a few months ago were unfruitful in my one solid goal for my life. So I began searching for my lifelong career. After weeks of traversing through the Internet, my past experiences, and my hobbies one major career stood shining like a beacon drawing me ever closer to my fate. Graphic design.
     I am truly excited now and look forward to what I will learn along my path. However, getting back to the first sentence of this post. My freshman and sophomore year in college I worked on a website as an ongoing project I had help and found it extremely fascinating but I just didn’t get it on my own. I struggled with CSS documents and struggled with remembering how to tag and html page. But now its like the fog has cleared on my journey and I am ready to face the day because bits and pieces are falling together and the knowledge that I held previously and my new knowledge are meshing together beautifully.
     My hopes for this blog are two-fold. I hope to record my journey so that years down the road I can look back and laugh at the peaks and valleys of venturing out into the great unknown held and also to help anyone by offering my own perspectives on tidbits that I come across or struggles I have.