I have great news!  It is time again to move on to a new blog host.  After months and months of brain storming for the perfect name it finally came as clear as a bell. I introduce you to Happy Apple.  A blog about design, photography, and charm. This new host offers me the most flexibility in design and features. I am looking forward to some new features as well as my blog continuing to grow with me. I also have decided to learn how to design and code for wordpress as a future business endevor. This move will give me experience designing, implementing, and  I plan on implementing a whole new set of features as well as things like free wallpapers (for desktops and phones). I hope you are as excited about this move as I am. Come check it out and follow me at  Happy Apple! I want to thank you for hanging with me while I find the right fit for me in the blog world. 🙂