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Monthly Archives: May 2012

I have great news!  It is time again to move on to a new blog host.  After months and months of brain storming for the perfect name it finally came as clear as a bell. I introduce you to Happy Apple.  A blog about design, photography, and charm. This new host offers me the most flexibility in design and features. I am looking forward to some new features as well as my blog continuing to grow with me. I also have decided to learn how to design and code for wordpress as a future business endevor. This move will give me experience designing, implementing, and  I plan on implementing a whole new set of features as well as things like free wallpapers (for desktops and phones). I hope you are as excited about this move as I am. Come check it out and follow me at  Happy Apple! I want to thank you for hanging with me while I find the right fit for me in the blog world. 🙂


Hello Again

Here is a peek into my inspiration folder this week.

Book Sculpture – Посты

Sunglasses Display – A Beautiful Mess

Pillow DIY – One Flightless Bird

Here is a peek from my inspiration folder this week! This week I have been out hunting blog inspiration. I am currently designing a custom blog layout and here are some images I found inspiring.

Button – Freckled Nest

Blog Signature – Skunkboy

Link Love Button – Life, ect.

Social Media Buttons – August Empress

Hello again! I am still decorating my apartment and I am bringing you another DIY tutorial. I like projects where you do not need a lot of supplies. This project only requires a couple of things and it was fun to make.


Acryllic Paint
Paint Brushes
Exacto Knife

I used Illustrator to create a layout of my vision for the wall art. Create an art board the size of your canvas so that when you print out the letters the proportions are correct. Separate the letters and place them so that you can print out as many on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper without waisting space.

1. Gather up your supplies.

2. Once you have this printed out tape the paper to the sheet of vinyl and laying this on the cardboard carefully cut around the letter shapes.

3. Now that you have the letter shapes in vinyl lay them on the canvas where you want them to be. Now begin drawing out your design in light pencil on your canvas. I chose to use circles in my composition. Once you have replicated your artwork start painting.

4. Lay out your letters on the canvas where you envisioned them to be.

5. Draw lightly in pencil the areas you want to paint.

6.  Paint directly over the letters.

7. Give your painting time to dry before peeling off the letters. In some places the paint leaked under the the vinyl and I had to do some touching up.

8. Now your painting is all finished. My canvas needed me to place the hardware on the back to hang it up. After that proudly display your work.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing your awesome painted artwork.

I really enjoy learning new things. One of my missions is to always experience and learn for the rest of …well forever. I am going to start sharing some of the tips and things I learn throughout my journey and maybe they will help you. One thing I have learned this week is that in adobe camera raw I am able to do most of the editing workflow quickly and get fantastic results. I am currently learning how to retouch portrait photography as one of the steps in starting my photography business so this tiny tid bit will help speed up the editing process.


You must shoot in camera raw for this to work. Once you open your photo for the first time a dialog window will pop up. This window has lots of buttons and options. If you haven’t taken time to explore this go ahead for a few minutes and become acquainted with some of the options available. Once you are ready to adjust the white balance. Using the eye dropper tool click on an area of the image that you know to be neutral (having an equal value of Red, Green and Blue). This area is often white but can also be a grey color. Once you click the photo will automatically adjust. If you are not happy with the results use the sliders off on the side to tweak the coloring. Often a picture will look better a little warmer or cooler.

With practice this will help you improve your workflow and images!

Here are a few images from my inspiration folder this week. I know I haven’t done many of these yet but I like how it helps me explore in areas I might not have otherwise.

Illustration - Ekaterina Koroleva

Formica table

Vintage Pant Hangers Art Display - Apartment Therapy

Hand Lettering - Sean Wes

I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of May! I started visiting some antique stores about a year and a half ago. Since then I have accumulated a little vinyl collection. I really enjoy getting to listen to the music from them and am glad I have spent the time searching for good copies of albums I like. I hope that as time continues my collection grows. Below is a sneak peek of part of my collection as well as a photo template I created. They are some of my favorite albums although when flipping through the sleeves I have a hard time picking favorites.  Have a great rest of the week!