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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Fall is a wonderful time of the year the weather is cool so I can wear sweatshirts, so many holidays are on the horizon, and Saturday’s snuggled under blankets are a favorite pastime. I love all the colors of clothing, accessories, and even nail polishes that make appearances this time of year. Not to mention all the smells that come from fall cooking. I put together a list of ten things I love about fall that I would like to share with you.


         When the leaves are changing the world is painted in the beautiful colors that appear every autumn. Deep reds, honey yellows, plums and oranges all add beauty to our planet. These colors signal the oncoming of other fall favorites.


                 My biggest splurge is on Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Sadly they are already discontinued in the stores but I got one at every chance. Now I have something to look forward to for next fall.


             The rich creamy goodness that is pumpkin pie; is there anything else to say? This dessert goes with everything ham, turkey, snack time!


             Since the weather has turned chilly a nice warm scarf is just the thing to keep you cozy. I found a tutorial for a scarf that I’m dying to try. The tutorial is from organizeyourstuffnow.com and the end result is super cute.


                Fall offers the best of both worlds not too hot and not too cold and you get the chance to break out all your adorable warmer clothing. My favorite fall outfit boots, jeans, and a cozy sweater.


              In my family football has been a big event on Sunday’s, Thursday’s, Saturday’s… I guess everyday that there are games football is on the TV. We watch everything from College to the NFL. Football time is more family time and a great chance for some rocking snack food.


                 As one of my top 3 favorite holiday’s of the year Halloween is so much fun. I love the decorations, the movies, the creative food and the costumes. This year I dressed up as a gypsy wearing all pieces that came from my closet. It was fun to pull together a Halloween costume from stuff I already owned.


            Who doesn’t love sitting under a warm blanket sipping a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows. This is a wonderful treat that I start in the fall and continue into winter. There is nothing like warm melted chocolate to make your day cozy.


                  When the leaves have all turned their beautiful colors and have fallen to the ground. I absolutely LOVE walking through them. They are the equivalent to jumping in rain puddles for me. I love the sound and finding especially crunchy leaves is rewarding.


              Fall is the start to the holidays. Homemade food and family time are just two reasons to love the onset of fall! I can not wait for Thanksgiving so I can watch all my favorite Christmas movies.

Take some time to think of some things that you enjoy about this time of the year. I really hope you enjoyed my top 10 things I love about fall.